iDance Blaster B2X

The party never has to stop – or stay in one place – with the iDance Blaster B2X!

A powerful 100W portable party box, the B2X offers superbly detailed sound with an impressively deep bass. Just as impressive is the internal LI-ON battery which provides 4-8 hours of uninterrupted use on each charge.

What’s more, the B2X also features in-build light show for stunning disco effects, providing a two-in-one cable-free sound and light system that can be instantly moved around as the party moves around!

You can stream music via Bluetooth from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, the B2X is fully compatible with YouTube, Spotify and most karaoke apps as well.

This impressive unit is the heart and soul of any party and is sure to be an incredibly popular item for all party animals!


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Product Specs

  • 100 Watts
  • Extra Bass
  • Sharing Mode
  • Microphone Input with Echo Effect
  • Rechargeable (4-8 hours play time)
  • Wireless Bluetooth®, MP3 Playback, FM tuner
  • Dual Disco LED lighting built inside the woofer
  • Compatible with YouTube, Spotify and most karaoke apps
  • USB and 3.5mm Line-In Inputs
  • Carry handle & Dock ready for smart phone/tablet