Adamson Systems

About Adamson Systems

Direct Imports in association with CMI Australia are pleased to represent and distribute Adamson speaker systems in New Zealand.

Adamson Systems Engineering develops and manufactures a complete line of superior, advanced technology loudspeaker products for the professional touring and installation market. Designed and constructed to exacting specifications, every stage of an Adamson loudspeaker is produced entirely in-house. This meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail shows how seriously we believe in our ideas. Adamson’s continued pursuit for sonic excellence led to a number of important patents in key loudspeaker technologies being published. From those patented principles emerged complex sound chambers, highly engineered drivers, and innovative rigging and cabinet designs that have set new standards throughout the world. Their continued success in bringing significant, cutting edge technology to the end-user has equated the Adamson brand name around the world with excellence and distinction.

With the full support of both Adamson Canada and CMI Australia,
Direct Imports are able to offer our customers outstanding service and support.

Visit their website for a full product listing and more information or contact us directly.