DPA Microphones

About DPA Microphones

Direct Imports is honoured to have been appointed the exclusive New Zealand distributor of DPA Microphones effective from the 31st March 2014.

DPA Microphones creates products born from a single idea – Sonic Excellence.

For any company, excellence grows from the foundation and DPA have strong roots.

The company originated with BrÜel & Kjaer., the Danish sound & vibration measurement company respected worldwide for unerring dedication to quality and technical superiority.

Since 1992, when DPA created its first product until now, this standard has been maintained.

DPA products are designed and manufactured on request of sound aficionados.

A superior transducer is accurate both on and off-axis and DPA Microphones are designed with this in mind. Whether it’s a singer, choir, single violin or drum kit; or the roar of a Formula 1 car or a rocket launch, DPA can deliver a great sounding solution.

All products are made on site in their factory in Denmark, giving DPA complete control over all aspects of manufacturing.

When working in the studio, live venue, recording in the field or broadcasting, professionals trust in the performance of DPA microphones to capture the same sound quality time after time. With DPA’s commitment to quality they are supporting users now and in the future by developing microphones solutions that suit today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

DPA also supply the industry’s best range of supporting products for their microphones.

Please find our Mic University here.

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