About Gravity

Gravity® is the new brand of modern music stands by Adam Hall. After 2 years of intensive development work with users and top designers, They have created a sophisticated core range of musicians’ stands and accessories. Through many innovations, such as a customisable marking concept and the focus on design, the Gravity brand challenges the often outdated image of accessories. Technical development focused on the selection of materials and robust construction. The combination of higher material thicknesses, high-quality 2-fold injected ABS plastic, and die-cast zinc connectors creates a high degree of accuracy in absolute professional quality.

Gravity products feature their unique sheen green “G” rings that are replaceable in seconds. Available in a variety of attractive colours, you can now customize your stands with additional ring packs and match them to your show‘s visuals, music genre or personal preference.

What‘s more, the smart “G” ring concept provides convenient colour coding to indicate a stand‘s intended purpose, placement on stage or the performer to use it. Just pick your colours to add style and distinction to your stands, or choose vanta black “G” rings for a classic, discreet look. These are included with most Gravity products.

Gravity® – Stand your ground.
Designed and Engineered in Germany.

Gravity is part of the Adam Hall brand. Direct Imports is excited to have been appointed the exclusive distributor of Cameo Lightning, Gravity Premium Stands, LD Systems Pro Audio & Palmer Musical Instruments for NZ.


Adam Hall is a key international player in the pro audio, light and event industry, not to mention the specialist musical stockist industry. Adam Hall develops and produces professional, innovative audio and LED lighting solutions for stages, studios, radio, fixed installation and even live sound – and all with growing success: it is today regarded as one of the world’s top 25 manufacturers in the field of professional events technology.

Adam Hall has developed audio products under the name Palmer since 1980 and equips studios and musicians with guitar amps, selectors, DI boxes, splitters, effects devices and power supplies.
LD Systems was introduced in 2002 as a brand for professional audio technology and system solutions. It today offers a broad range from wireless audio transmission through portable sound systems to installation speakers.

The Cameo brand has represented professional LED lighting equipment and laser effects since 2012.
Gravity is the latest own brand from Adam Hall. After 2 years of intensive development work with users and top designers, a sophisticated core range of musicians’ stands and accessories was launched in 2015.

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