About EVH

Seldom in the history of rock – in the history of guitar playing, period – can monumental change be attributed to a single guitarist whose own individual contribution amount to nothing short of an astounding re-imaging of the instrument’s possibilities and whose playing abilities and innovations are so utterly dazzling as to be considered truly revolutionary. Such is the case with Edward Van Halen.

At the Fender ® Global Dealers Dinner in Anaheim California in January 2007, Edward Van Halen announced the launch of his new line of musical products, starting with a meticulously crafted replica of his own famous FrankensteinTM guitar,  and then followed by the introduction of the EVH5150 ш

EVH® is part of the FMIC family and is distributed exclusively in New Zealand by Direct Imports (NZ) Ltd.

EVH® and EVH® logo are the registered trademarks of E.L.V.H Inc.

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