About RCF

RCF® was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. From the outset the company was focused on the development and manufacture of professional audio products. Initial product lines to receive wide distribution included microphones, public address products and transducers.

During this period, RCF® quickly established itself as an OEM components manufacturer of transducers to leading speaker manufacturers. Many of whom went on to become worldwide brands, with the help of RCF® technology.

Building on this success the company continued to expand its 100-volt public address electronics, amplifiers and speakers. These being sold both as single products and in complete system solutions for airports, hotels schools, railway stations, factories and public buildings in general. In the 70’s and 80’s RCF’s expansion continued a pace with the movement into other market areas and the introduction of complete product lines in Hi-Fi cabinets and in car speakers.

A major step forward came in the early 90’s with introduction of complete professional speaker boxes, included the ground breaking Monitors series, which was to become the bench mark for all compact speakers that followed.

This position was further strengthened in 1996 with launch of the ART™ series of active composite-moulded cabinets, instantly repositioning RCF® as an international speaker manufacturer. In particular the model ART ™ 300-A became an instant success recognised world-wide.

Today RCF® employs nearly 240 people at their HQ and main factory in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Since 2004 the company has designed, put into production and delivered to the market over 200 new products, RCF® now sells in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

The extremely wide production is grouped into 6 product families in order to offer any kind of solution in the audio market. All RCF products and product lines are positioned at the forefront of the market, whilst maintaining excellent price/value ratio.

Major investment in R&D and continual product renovation is reinforced with the knowledge there are now currently more than 30 new products under development. Time to market is now achieved in the shortest possible time and all technological ‘high end’ products are made in Italy.

Owning its own transducers technology gives to RCF® an enormous advantage in the development of complete speaker systems achieving the perfect match between transducers and electronics, now more and more focused on the digital technology.

Direct Imports is the exclusive distributor of RCF® products in New Zealand.

Visit their website for a full product listing and more information or contact us directly.

RCF® is the registered trademark of the RCF® Group.