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About dB Technologies

AEB, the ACOUSTIC ENGINEERING BUREAU, has its headquarters in the outskirts of Bologna, which today is one of the most industrialized areas in Italy. AEB has been designing and manufacturing electronic and electro acoustic products for the professional audio world for over 25 years under its trademark dB Technologies®. Over the years, dB Technologies® products have gained substantial recognition for their technological innovations, as well as their inherent standard of quality.

Years of continuous significant investments in design, R&D and manufacturing technologies have made their mark on the industry. AEB’s ability to develop innovative products, in a remarkably short “time to market” is the key ingredient for an ever-increasing market share and success.

Since its early beginnings AEB has pioneered and specialized itself in two specific technologies: Wireless technology as used in professional wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems, and modern audio amplification technology. Professional power amplifiers, active loudspeakers and audio mixers complete the comprehensive line of products developed and produced in our extensive facilities. It came naturally to AEB, that in the continuous quest to improve interrelated performance between the various components in active speaker systems, AEB is now also designing and manufacturing most of the speaker components used in its enclosures. This process allows us to optimize and match the performance of the electronic components to the electro acoustic transducers.

With the introduction of the worlds first digital wireless System DWS2400, dB Technologies again leads the market to a new standard in wireless technology. A further mark of distinction of dB Technologies® products is the major emphasis given to details and design.

dB Technologies® aim is to provide the audio professional, as well as musicians and sound designers, with products that combine high performance with world renowned Italian flair and design. With the cooperation between Italy’s finest designers it has been possible to develop truly elegant loudspeakers, which make their own significant contribution to a magnificent stage setting.

dB Technologies® is part of the RCF® Group.  dB Technologies® is the registered trademark of AEB, Italy.

Direct Imports is the exclusive distributor of dB Technologies®  products in New Zealand.

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