About iDance

Direct Imports is the exclusive distributor of iDance Headphone Technology.

iDance is a leading audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion, Dj and action sports lifestyles. iDance distinctive logo symbolizes youth, rebellion love and passion. The company’s motto “it is your life, it is your style.”

More than great design, iDance puts more value in your pack in adding some Software as Magic Muffin Player to organise your music, or PCDJ DEX2 LE, DJ software that let you mix your music, from your computer your iTunes Play list. More than words, you will get real power in iDance audio packs.

iDance Audio provides a variety of headphones and earphones that are targeted to be used and abused in all kind of everyday lifestyles.There is no need to ruin your style, iDance provides 2 main collections in a year, and these are shot as fashion shows. In ear, or over the ear, at affordable prices.
But don’t forget, NO compromise, our products looks good, and they sound good.

Most of our products come with the in-line microphone, making them compatible for most iPhone, iPad or iPod.

As music matters, iDance team, product specialist, designer, engineer, are all music lovers, musicians, DJs or producers.

iDance, it is your life, it is your style.

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