About SodaSparkle

SodaSparkle is changing the world of soft drinks and sparkling mineral water by bringing fresh tasting, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly technology to consumers’ homes.

Launched in 2012, this revolutionary, patented new home soda machine includes a re-usable bottle, disposable and recyclable CO2 soda chargers and a range of low calorie flavors with no added preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors making home-made drinks an easy, safe and fun process for everyone. SodaSparkle is at the forefront of the soda drinks market and the best eco-alternative on offer. SodaSparkle is about sharing the sparkle with friends and family from home.

With SodaSparkle, turning tap water into easy-to-make carbonated soft drinks, sparkling waters and non alcoholic cocktails at home has never been so easy, healthy or affordable. The SodaSparkle home soda maker kit includes a soda maker machine that is compact and portable for all the family to use.

In a world first for home drinks, we have launched our flavors in our new SqueezeEzy dosage device – just squeeze the amount of flavor you want into the chamber on top of the bottle and pour – make the drink to your taste every time.

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