Gravity LTS T 01 Laptop Stand

No matter if you’re working on stage, at home, in the studio or on location at a photo shoot, now your laptop can stay firmly fixed in place and stable at all times in your mobile performance rigs -positioned just the way you want – all thanks to the Gravity® LTST 01 laptop stand.

The large mounting plate can accommodate all standard laptop sizes ranging from 12″ to 17″. Your laptop is carefully and securely attached to the stand thanks to 14 slots in the top section, 2 slots in the bottom section, and the freely adjustable holding pins and clamps that come supplied with the product. The holding pins are pressed onto the laptop and then locked into place from below using the set screws.

You can also use the stand for your DJ controller, mixer or other pieces of equipment that you always need within arm’s reach. The mounting plate can be tilted continuously by 180°, meaning it can be used both in vertical and horizontal applications. It can also be easily twisted off for use in the field.

Its solid aluminium tripod with a 35 mm socket has been designed for maximum mobility because it weights only 1.94 kilograms. The stand’s height can be gradually adjusted from 750 mm to 1.320 mm, allowing you to adjust it perfectly to your needs – whether you’re standing or sitting.

With the LTST 01 laptop stand, Gravity® offers you a flexible companion for your mobile performance rigs.

Product Features

  • Compact and lightweight laptop stand
  • Tray with adjustable holding pins
  • Suitable for laptops, tablets, smaller mixers and effects
  • Tray can be tilted by 180 degrees

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Product Specs

  • Product type: Stands and Tripods Multimedia Equipment
  • Type: Laptop Stand
  • Support material: Steel
  • Tube material: Aluminium
  • Tubing surface: Powder-coated
  • Colour: Black
  • Width adjusting jaws: 40 mm
  • Width spacing between adjusting pins min.: 120 mm
  • Width spacing between adjusting pins max.: 425 mm
  • Height spacing between adjusting pins to adjusting jaws min.: 117 mm
  • Height spacing between adjusting pins to adjusting jaws max: 250 mm
  • Width spacing between adjusting jaws min.: 130 mm
  • Width spacing between adjusting jaws max.: 360 mm
  • Support width: 480 mm
  • Tray height: 330 mm
  • Min. height: 750 mm
  • Max. height: 1320 mm
  • Transport length: 665 mm
  • Height adjustment: Set screw with safety split pin
  • Base type: Leg joint
  • Base material: Die-cast aluminium
  • Tubing diameter: 35 mm
  • Max load: 15 kg
  • Interchangeable rings: 2 x 30 mm
  • Black ring pack included: Yes
  • Weight: 4 kg