Philips HDMI Cables

Experience Ultra Hi-Definition Images



Ultra HD with Ethernet


Experience the Ultra HD 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. High speed HDMI supports full 32 channel audio systems with up to 1536KHz sample rates.

Available in:




Philips Power Alkaline Batteries

Powering all high energy consuming devices

Your electronic products today, like electronic toys and portable audio, remote controls, are more thirsty for power than ever.  Keep them running longer, with Power Alkaline Philips batteries.

AA and AAA batteries available, full specs below:



Optical and analog input fits all televisions

Equipped with an optical and analog input, Philips SHD8850 headphones are compatible.


High-res home cinema sound

Philips SHD8850 wireless headphones immerse you in your own world of cinematic sound, with total freedom. Digital wireless connectivity provides interference-free, crystal clear sound, for the ultimate in personal home entertainment.


Superior cinematic sound for your home

  • 40mm drivers/open-back
  • Over-ear
  • Breathable ear cushions
Move freely with 30m wireless range

Move freely with 30m wireless range

The 30m transmission range provides mobility and freedom to enjoy your music all around your home.

Hammock auto-adjusts for optimal fit

Hammock auto-adjusts for optimal fit

The self-adjusting lightweight hammock gives you the best fit for your head shape, while offering optimal comfort.

Superior cinematic sound from 40mm drivers

Superior cinematic sound from 40mm drivers

Philips SHD8850’s 40mm drivers are acoustically tuned to deliver superior cinematic sound.

Easy-to-use charging dock

Easy-to-use charging dock

Place the headphones in the charging dock for easy charging.

High-res audio via wired connection

High-res audio via wired connection

High-resolution audio offers the best in sound performance, reproducing the quality of original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. Using the audio cable provided, Philips SHD8850 wireless headphones support high-resolution audio, delivering uncompromising audio quality from your preferred devices – so you can get more out of your home entertainment.

Breathable velour ear cushions for extensive comfort

Breathable velour ear cushions for extensive comfort

Breathable velour ear cushions dissipate pressure and heat, ensuring extensive comfort for long wearing sessions.

20-hour runtime for long listening sessions

With a 20-hour runtime, you can indulge in marathon viewing sessions without worrying about losing power.

Automatic on/off power

Philips SHD8850 headphones turn on automatically when you put them on your head. And when you’re finished watching, they will automatically power off, to ensure power doesn’t go to waste.


Wireless freedom

No more hassles with the cables, you can feel free to move around at home for music enjoyment. With the rechargeable and lightweight design of these Philips SHC5200/79 headphones, you don’t need to bother for long wearing time.

Fully rechargeable wireless headphones

  • 32mm drivers/closed-back
  • Over-ear

32mm speaker driver delivers high performance sound

The 32 mm speaker driver is a compact yet powerful element for delivering non-distorted sound with any given input power.

Self-adjusting inner headband

Typically headphones worn outdoors are adjustable by sliding an extendable headband into position. This can be cumbersome as it usually has to be done every time you use it. Get your music fix faster and easier with these headphones flexible, self-adjusting inner headband. It will automatically adjust to your head’s shape and size.

Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use.

The durable, lightweight quality materials of these Philips headphones enhance comfort for extended wearing.

FM Wireless transmission for freedom of movement

With high frequency FM wireless transmission, which can even pass through walls, you can even listen to your music when you’re in another room.

Fully rechargeable

The headphones are designed to be used with rechargeable batteries. No worry on cost for repeated use.

Choose from 2 channels to minimize interference

With a choice of two transmission channels your listening pleasure is protected because you can easily switch to the one with the best reception.

Philips Earbuds with Mic (TAUE101)

Bass Sound

With enhanced bass performance, these in-ear headphones bring quality music comfortably to your ears.

Available in Black or White

14.2mm speaker drivers for rich bass and clear sound

Quality 14.2mm speaker drivers with neodymium magnet delivers rich bass and clear sound.

Designed for ear geometry comfort fit

The design is based on ear geometry for comfortable wear and snug fit for everyone.

Neodymium speaker drivers deliver pure balanced sound

Neodymium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality.

Philips Bass+ Wireless On Ear ANC Headphones

Big bold bass. No distractions.

Tune in to your sounds with big, bold bass. Tune out distractions with Active Noise Canceling (ANC). These wireless on-ear headphones are all about the beats you love. A single charge gives you up to 15 hours play time, even with ANC on.

15 hours play time with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) on

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) ensures the rumble of the train won’t interfere with the boom of the beat. Want silence? Simply activate ANC without any music playing. You get up to 15 hours play time with ANC on, and 18 hours play time with ANC off. Charging time is just 2 hours via USB.

Big bass. 32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers

Take the dance floor with you. The 32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers keep the sound crisp and the bass big.

Weight is just 145.5 g. Feel light. Listen heavy

Weighing just 145.5 g, these wireless on-ear headphones let you bring the bass in real comfort. The headband is easily adjustable and so light you’ll barely feel it. The ear cups are soft and can be angled until they feel just right.

Philips UpBeat Wireless Headphones

Get your sounds on

Epic playlists. The latest podcasts. These wireless on-ear headphones deliver crisp sound and punchy bass. The headband is so light you’ll barely feel it, and the ear cups fold flat. You get 15 hours play time. Plenty for the day. Or night.

15 hours play time. Plenty for the day. Or the night.

You get 15 hours playtime, and the 32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers give you crisp sound and punchy bass. A full charge takes between two and three hours

2-3 hour charging time.

A full charge takes between two and three hours.

32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers. Crisp sound. Punchy bass.

32 mm neodymium acoustic drivers give you crisp sound and punchy bass.

Philips ActionFit Wireless On-Ear Headphones (TASH402BK)

Stay cool.

Crush your personal best with these wireless sweat-resistant over-ear sports headphones. Lightweight and comfortable, they pack 20 hours play time into a single charge. Cooling ear-cup cushions keep you focused when the going gets hot.


20 hours play time

This headphone offers up to 20 hours of continuous play for worry-free enjoyment when you’re listening to your music on the go.

40 mm neodymium acoustic drivers

Let your workout playlist take you to the next level. Perfectly tuned 40 mm neodymium acoustic drivers deliver the bass to keep you going. The closed-back construction delivers great passive noise isolation. You get to pump up your tunes without annoying others.

Breathable ear-cup cushions. Easily detach for cleaning

The soft, breathable ear-cup cushions are filled with cooling gel: no matter how hard you work, the headphones stay cool against your skin. The cushions are also detachable for easy cleaning.

Philips Hi-Res Audio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (TAPH802BK)

Sleek design. 30 hours of play time

Wherever your week takes you. These wireless over-ear headphones make your commute more enjoyable with balanced, detailed sound and up to 30 hours of play time. If you need more, quick charging gives you between 2 and 6 hours of extra power.


Every commute. 30 hours of play time.

Week in, week out, these headphones are up to the most demanding commute. A single charge takes just 1.5 hours, and gives you 30 hours of play time or talk time. Two levels of fast charging¡ªRapid Charge and Quick Charge¡ªgive you an extra 2 or 6 hours of play time. So you can keep listening Monday to Friday, and beyond.

Detailed sound. Powerful bass

Perfectly tuned neodymium acoustic drivers deliver deep bass and clear mid-range frequencies.

Flexible design

These wireless headphones boast soft ear cups that can be folded neatly in two ways. You can fold them flat, perfect for storing them in your office drawer, or you can fold them flat and inwards, creating a compact bundle that fits into you coat pocket or bag.