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Welcome to Direct Imports

Direct Imports (NZ) Ltd was established as a company in 1946.
The company's Head Office and warehouses are located in Hastings, Hawkes Bay.

With a vibrant and loyal team of twenty, the company continues to enjoy success in business and is focused to provide outstanding support and service to our dealer network throughout New Zealand.

We are experienced in Importing, Warehousing, Distributing & Marketing some of today's most exciting brands.

Our Musical Instrument range is a world leader, with over 39 years association with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, one of the world's largest manufactures and distributors of Music products and an American Icon for over 70 years.

The Fender portfolio consists of leading brands, Gretsch, Jackson, Squire, Charvel, Passport and Groove Tubes

Our current range of electronic products covers everything from small radios to LED Television sets, DVD, Home Theatre, portable CD/Radio sets along with Bluetooth Technology Products. These are manufactured and distributed under the
TEAC® brand. Along with the TEAC® product range, our company is also the exclusive distributor of
one of the newest and hippest brands on the planet! The S-Digital® brand brings together unique “Feel good, Sound good” lifestyle products packed with the latest technology & design features. Products that combine sublime beauty with real functionality.
iDance™ Audio & Headphone Technology also delivers the latest in bluetooth technology & functionally along with
Soda Sparkle™ and DDS Direct Digital Solution Products.

We are proud to distribute exclusively for New Zealand, Fender® Musical Instruments, S-Digital™ Audio Products Teac® Consumer Electronics, Squier® Guitars, Adamson Pro Audio, RCF® Pro Audio, dB Technologies, PreSonus® Recording Mixing & Software, Samson® Audio Equipment, SGM Lighting, Cameo® Lighting, Tascam® Professional Equipment,
DPA® Microphones, IK Multimedia™, iDance™ Audio & Headphone Technology, Gretsch® Guitars, Jackson® Guitars, Charvel® Guitars, EVH® Musical products, LD® Systems, Gravity® Stands, Digitech® Music Products, Palmer Musical Instruments, dB-J MIXARS®, SKB® Cases, DDS® Direct Digital Solutions, Ritter® Designer Bags, Peace® Drums, Soda Sparkle™, Groove® Tubes, UNIRIG, Loog™ Guitars.