Philips TAS1505B Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Put a party in your pocket with the Bluetooth speaker that’s small enough to hang from your wrist! This petite speaker is completely waterproof and gives you surprisingly punchy sound for its size.

Philips TAX3206 Bluetooth Party Speaker

Bring the party where you choose with this large, portable speaker. While you rock your guitar, play some tunes, or get on the mic — colored lights and a strobe pulse on the speaker! A carry handle makes the speaker easy to move

Philips TAX5206 Bluetooth Party Speaker

Kick the party up a notch with this awesome, extra-large speaker! Powerful sound, big bass, and colorful lights fill the room with good vibes. You can plug a guitar and mic into the speaker, and the trolley design makes it easy to move

Philips TAR7705 QI and Bluetooth Clock Radio

Wake to your favorite radio station or a buzzer, with your phone fully charged. This Bluetooth clock radio features a wireless Qi charger and USB charging. You get crystal-clear radio and you can stream audio from your mobile device.


Bring the party anywhere with the iDance Cyclone 400s Bluetooth Speaker. With colourful disco lights and upto 3 hours playtime, this portable speaker plays your favourite tunes for even longer.

Stream your favourite music via Bluetooth. The iDance Cyclone400s Bluetooth Speaker is easy to pair with your phone, tablet or computer. For more ways to listen, play music on the built-in FM radio or connect your music with the AUX in connection.

The iDance Cyclone 400s Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic party speaker. Party mode features colourful LEDs to light up your party

iDance Blaster B2X

The party never has to stop – or stay in one place – with the iDance Blaster B2X!

A powerful 100W portable party box, the B2X offers superbly detailed sound with an impressively deep bass. Just as impressive is the internal LI-ON battery which provides 4-8 hours of uninterrupted use on each charge.

What’s more, the B2X also features in-build light show for stunning disco effects, providing a two-in-one cable-free sound and light system that can be instantly moved around as the party moves around!

You can stream music via Bluetooth from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, the B2X is fully compatible with YouTube, Spotify and most karaoke apps as well.

This impressive unit is the heart and soul of any party and is sure to be an incredibly popular item for all party animals!


Altec Lansing Mini 8 Party Speaker – IMT8000

The Altec Lansing SoundRover Mini 8 is a powerful party speaker with signature Altec Lansing sound and lighting effects. Convenient carrying handles and wheels make it easy to transport your SoundRover Mini anywhere you go. Instantly create a club experience with the multi LED lights that pulse and strobe with the music and create an amazing party atmosphere. Plug in the included microphone and become the MC of your own party!

iDance GROOVEX1 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker w/ Mic and Stand

The iDance GrooveX1 Portable Speaker is the complete party package!

Simply pair your device and start cranking your favourite tunes! Sing along with the mic provided while the RGB LED lighting adds to the party vibe.

Sharing mode lets you connect two GrooveX1 speakers to the same Bluetooth source for twice the sounds!

This speaker has an internal rechargeable battery that gives you up to 8 hours’ playback when you’re out and about.

iDance GOPARTY1 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

The iDance GOPARTY1 Portable Speaker crams a lot into a small package! Mic Input, RGB LED lighting, USB Playback, and up to 8hrs battery life!!

Connect it to your music with Bluetooth or plug in via USB or Aux input.

Sharing mode allows two GOPARTY1 speakers to play from the one Bluetooth source



Philips TAVS700 Mains Powered Radio

Authentic 1950s style meets modern performance in this mains-powered Bluetooth radio. The wooden cabinet, copper dials and dimmable display make this the perfect centerpiece in any room. A digital radio tuner delivers clear reception.