The latest from Tascam

TASCAM DR-44WL Portable Handheld Recorded with Wi-Fi

TASCAM’s DR-44WL is the latest recording innovation from TASCAM. It starts with high-quality stereo condenser microphones, updated with a new XY pattern and high-performance mic components. Two locking XLR inputs feed TASCAM’s latest microphone preamp …

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TASCAM DR-22WL Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi

The groundbreaking DR-22WL from TASCAM is the first portable recorder to include Wi-Fi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone or PC. Other innovations like the new Scene Dial make it easier than ever to capture gre …

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TASCAM DR-05X Handheld Digital Audio Recorder

The DR-05X is the new standard in stereo hand held recorders with its powerful features, simple interface and excellent sound quality. It is the first choice for recording meetings, music, audio-for-video, dictation, and more.

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TASCAM DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder

The TASCAM DR-10L is an ultra-compact, incredibly convenient digital recorder/lavalier microphone combo. For added flexibility, the included wired lavalier microphone is affixed via a 1/8″ screw-down lock connector compatible with most Sennheiser laval …

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Tascam DR-07X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface

DR-07X bring high-quality recording to an easy-to-use portable powerhouse with a size and price that anyone can handle.  A pair of condenser microphones handles small to loud sound up to 125dB SPL with the sensitivity to capture every detail.

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Tascam TrackPack 4×4

The  TASCAM TRACKPACK 4×4 includes a US-4×4 interface, mics, headphones, and DAW software – everything musicians need to make great-sounding studio recordings of acoustic instruments. The US-4×4 is a 4-in/4-out USB interface with four Ultra-HDDA mic pr …

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