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S-Digital Turntable w/ Bluetooth Transmitter TT2091

Discover (or rediscover) the wonder of vinyl records. This affordable, easy to use S-Digital TT2091 Turntable with Bluetooth Transmitter is the perfect entry into the world of analog audio. Simply pair with any Bluetooth speaker, headphones or connect …

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SDIGITAL Q7-Hotel Bluetooth Clock Radio

Specifically designed with feedback from the hospitality sector – the Q7-Hotel has many new features designed for convenience and guest comfort.

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SDigital Q6 “Bedside” Alarm Clock

Wake up in style with the Q6 alarm clock. Playback your music via Bluetooth or AUX and charge your device through the built in USB charge port.

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SDigital X1909 “Spritz” Smart Water Bottle

The world’s first Smart water bottle with a high-definition audio system built-in! Rechargeable, water-resistant, and BPA-Free. Spritz is about incredible acoustics. It’s a wireless music player that’s designed and built with advanced audio technology, …

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SDigital Q27 “Lightyear” Alarm Clock

LightYear – The Wireless Sound and Light Time Machine, with Dual USB Charging ports, Bluetooth Audio, Rubber Bulb LED lighting and 12 hour Built In Lithium Battery

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SDigital X2808 “Submarine” Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Completely waterproof studio grade Bluetooth wireless audio system, with 24 hour non-stop playback from a single charge with a massive built-in powerbank. Take it anywhere, in any weather, and play music from any device – this speaker defines a totally …

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