The latest from Cameo

Cameo Multi PAR 1

The four compact flat cans mounted on a bar with integrated control make the CLMPAR 1 the ideal basic kit for stage lighting. Each of the four flat cans is fitted with 108 ultra-bright 10-mm LEDs, creating awe-inspiring brightness and the perfect colou …

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Cameo PIXBAR 600 PRO IP65

Featuring 12 ultra bright 12 watt 6-in-1 LEDs and 22° beam width the Cameo PixBar 600 PRO IP65 creates impressive RGBWA+UV washes. Highly efficient convection cooling ensures noiseless performance, and with a 3,600 Hz refresh rate the IP65 rated outdoo …

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3-in-1 Derby, Moonflower and Strobe Effect Light The Cameo Serum is a 3-in-1 LED fixture combining derby, moonflower and strobe effects for amazing illumination. It features 2-channel, 4-channel and 7-channel modes of DMX control, automated and sound a …

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Cameo ZENIT P 130

Professional Outdoor PAR Can IP65 with innovative light shaping diffusers The Cameo Zenit® P130 is an IP65 rated outdoor PAR can with a sharp, tightly focussed beam angle of 8°. For an additional choice of 25° or 45° angles, it comes with two ultra-eff …

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Cameo AURO SPOT 400

Featuring 16-bit resolution and high speed 3-phase motors for 630° pan and 230° tilt, the Cameo AURO® SPOT 400 is a professional moving head with RDM capability and powerful, ultra bright single LED. The fixture sports 2 gobo wheels, rotating and fixed …

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Cameo ZENIT B60

Battery-Powered W-DMX™ IP65 PAR Light black With battery operation, built-in wireless DMX and IP65 rating, the Cameo ZENIT® B60 is ready for demanding indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The highly professional PAR light sports four 15 W RGBW Cre …

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