Seaboard Block

The breakthrough Seaboard Block is so many things in one small package, it’s the most compact, portable, and affordable Seaboard ever made. It fits in a backpack and connects to NOISE, so you can play it anywhere.

Seaboard Block is also the largest, newest Block in the modular BLOCKS system. It’s totally expandable and customizable. You can connect two or three Seaboard Blocks together to make one long playable surface. Or you can mix and match Seaboard Block with Lightpad Blocks or other Blocks to build your own instrument. Seaboard Block comes with Equator Player and BLOCKS Dashboard for desktop functionality and DAW integration. Six new soundpacks also launch today – free with Seaboard Block: Vintage Electronic, Modern Electronic, Elementals, Cinematica, Session Keys, and Experimentals. You can explore this wide range of sounds now on the NOISE Soundpack Store.

NOISE is powerful by itself, but your potential for making music grows hugely when you connect NOISE to Seaboard Block. We hope it becomes your newest tool for taking your music further.