SDigital X3808 “Splash” Water Resistant Wireless Boombox

SPLASH is the completely wireless Water Resistant music system with IPX4 LAB-CERTIFIED INGRESS PROTECTION. That means SERIOUS water proofing.
Bluetooth Wireless Music Playback, USB-MP3 Playback, AUX-In and FM Tuner built In.

Product Features

  • Waterproof (Splash-Proof) Music System (iPX4 Rated INGRESS PROTECTION)
  • Twin High Bass Water-Proof Speakers
  • Silicone Rubber Bumper for Anti-Slip + Rugged Protection
  • Built-In Lithium Battery (Rechargeable by Micro-USB AC-Charger, Included)
  • USB Slot for MP3 Playback (Front)
  • USB-Powerbank (USB Storage Backup Battery) Built-In
  • Charges/Powers All USB Devices Independently with 4000mAH Capacity
  • 12 Hour Music Playback Time (with No USB Charging Used)
  • 6 Hour Recharging Time
  • FM-PLL Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Presets
  • Aux-In 3.5 mm Stereo Input Jack (Front)

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