SDigital X2808 “Submarine” Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Completely waterproof studio grade Bluetooth wireless audio system, with 24 hour non-stop playback from a single charge with a massive built-in powerbank. Take it anywhere, in any weather, and play music from any device – this speaker defines a totally new category of wireless music that fits every lifestyle in the real world.


Product Features

  • Waterproof/Dust-Proof Music System   (iP67 Rated: Immersible upto 1M depth)
  • Rugged Silicone Rubber Bumper for Anti-Skid, Anti-Slip protection
  • Built-In Lithium Rechargeable Battery  (Rechargeable by Micro-USB AC-Charger, Included)
  • Fully Air-tight Sealed Cabinet with Silicone Rubber O-Rings & Gaskets
  • Bluetooth AVRCP for Wireless Remote Control of Media Playback
  • USB Slot 1 for MP3 Playback (USB Flash drives)
  • USB Slot 2 for Powerbank Function (USB charger using internal battery)
  • Charges/Powers All USB Devices Independently with 4000 mAH Capacity
  • Over 24 Hour Music Playback Time (with No USB Charging in use)
  • Available in Red or Lime

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