SDigital Q27 “Lightyear” Alarm Clock

LightYear – The Wireless Sound and Light Time Machine, with Dual USB Charging ports, Bluetooth Audio, Rubber Bulb LED lighting and 12 hour Built In Lithium Battery

Product Features

  • Soft Glow Unbreakable Silicone Bulb LED Lamps
  • Lamp is manually dimmable (20 steps) or digitally Controlled to Simulate Sunrise
  • Display Dimmer for Night Time Comfort Lighting (3 modes: Normal, Dim, Off)
  • 1000mAh Lithium Cell (Uninterruptable Power Supply) built-in
  • Extra Soft White LED (0.9”) Clock with Dimmer for Night Time Comfort
  • High Definition Suspension-Cone Speaker Driver
  • Low Power Consumption for Maximum Environmental Efficiency (ErP2)
  • 4-LED Multi-Color CPU Controlled Lighting System
  • 3 Digital Nature Sound Tracks to Wake Up
  • Bluetooth Wireless Receiver Built-In for Audio Streaming (A2DP)
  • FM Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Memory Presets
  • Wake to Buzzer, Radio or Nature sounds
  • 2x USB-Ports for Universal Charging of Mobile Phones (5V, 1.5A Total Output)
  • Available in Brown or White

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