About Peace

PEACE® drums is one of Direct Imports newest lines.

What sets Peace® drums apart from all the other drum company’s is  For starters, they make them all themselves. Everything from the shells to the smallest screw is made in-house at Peace’s factory in Taichung, Taiwan.

They own one of the most complete manufacturing facilities of musical and percussive instruments in existence, assuring precise and efficient quality control. Peace® Musical Taiwan has been supplying the major musical markets in Europe and abroad with high-quality drums and percussion for over 30 years.

Although Peace Drums are fairly new on the scene, chances are you have played them before. The scope and quality of their product line has secured Peace as one of the leading parts suppliers in the industry. They manufacture drums, parts, and accessories for pretty much every drum company under the sun.

Peace®  products are made with the player in mind. Manufacturing products for all of these companies allows Peace to take the elements that make them great into their own line. Every element of every Peace® Drum is designed by drummers for drummers, and hand made by seasoned craftsmen in their own facility.

Since Peace president Michael Chen began manufacturing drums over three decades ago, it has been the company’s goal to provide current, pro-quality, player-friendly drums and percussion accessories at a price that every drummer can afford.

That goal still stands in their current lines of drums for the player of every experience level.

Peace® Drums and Percussion represents the most current and innovative line of products for the everyone from seasoned pros to the earliest student. Each product that bears the Peace name features pro elements, normally found only on the finest percussion instruments. Allowing every player that sits behind them the freedom of playing without boundaries is the cornerstone philosophy at Peace Drums and Percussion.



PEACE® is the registered trademark of Peace Drums, Taiwan, ROC

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