DDS IRB620u Remote Bender

Designed to retransmit infrared commands from remote controls of any device, without the need for the line-of-sight between the remote controls and the IR sensors of the devices.  The IR bender is quite necessary when the devices are placed in modern cabinets with windows/doors or behind the television.

DDS HD310ua HDMI Switcher

Not enough HDMI ports on your TV?  The new DDS HDMI Switcher can solve your problems, allowing you to connect up to 3 HDMI sources to 1 Input. It also features auto selection and automatically changes when you power on the HDMI source.

DDS DIR300V Remote control extender

Wireless Infrared Remote Control Extender enables you to extend the range of your present Infrared Remote Control so that you can operate DVDs, Stereos, Satellite etc virtually anywhere in the house.  

DDS BTT1000 Bluetooth Transmitter And Splitter

Stream Audio to your Bluetooth Headphone through a mini Bluetooth Splitter.  The BTT1000 is also has two-way splitter function which streams wirelessly to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time

DDS AVS13 AV Sender

Wirelessly transmit your SKY, Freeview or Audio signal to another room in the house without wires. The AVS13 also features a remote extender to allow your remote control to work from room to room.