DigiTech®, a leading manufacturer of guitar and bass multi-effects processors, and a Harman International company (NYSE-HAR), Building on a history that now spans two decades of innovation and a keen sense of what the guitar signal processing market needs and wants, DigiTech® moves full-speed into the future, continuing to provide guitarists with cutting-edge creative tools.

DigiTech® was created as an offshoot brand by John Johnson and David DiFrancesco, who founded DOD® Electronics in 1974, bringing DiFrancesco’s talent with electronics, honed in the repair department of a Salt Lake City music store, together with Johnson’s knack for business and his degree in Marketing and Music. From the very beginning, DigiTech was a company with its ear close to the pulse of music and technological innovation. The first operations were held in a basement, and later a garage, in Salt Lake City. In 1987, DigiTech® brought out the DSP128 multi-effects processor, which allowed the use of three effects at once. The DSP128 was the first multi-effects processor and received critical acclaim from end users and journalists alike. DigiTech® also marketed the IPS33, the first commercially successful intelligent harmonizer that produced three-part harmonies for musical instruments. It was then followed by the Vocalist, which produced up to five-part harmonies in a desktop chassis and became a massive seller for the company. In 1990, the world was treated to the invention of the Whammy® Pedal, a pitch shifting pedal which continues to influenced guitar players and has become one of the most sought-after pedals in the vintage market.

The DigiTech® RP-1 was the first self-contained multi-effects preamp/processor and introduced a trend for those types of products. The RP-1 literally began the “hands-free era” of guitar processors and the RP-1 ad, “Do It On The Floor,” firmly supported that position. DigiTech® engineers then developed the SDISC, a studio-quality 24-bit signal processing chip. Paired with TSR24, it resulted in its most advanced multi-effects processor to date. DigiTech utilized the TSR24 platform with an all-tube front end, creating one of the best preamp/processors ever invented, the GSP2101. Internationally popular and recognized by guitarists around the world, the GSP2101’s memorable ad headline, “Chrome de la Chrome,” said it all. In 1993, DigiTech® moved to a new manufacturing and R&D centre, on Sandy Parkway, in Salt Lake City. There, SDISC technology powered a new generation of guitar processors, including the TSR12, TSR16, DHP55, DHP33, Vocalist II, RP10, Legend II, Valve FX and others. As the millennium was about to turn, DigiTech delivered yet another generation of great products, including the RP2000, Whammy4 and Johnson J-Station, which utilized amp modelling and offered studio-quality effects using DigiTech’s revolutionary new AudioDNATM chip. Ongoing strategic innovation integrated DigiTech’s prowess in signal processing with digital recording capability, such as with the award-winning GNXTM Series, supplying multi-track recording and advanced DSP in a single package.

Today, DigiTech is poised with one of the most innovated product ranges available, they continue to pioneer new technology to give guitarists the tools they need to realize the full force of their creativity.

Digitech ® is distributed exclusively by Direct Imports (NZ) Ltd.

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